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01.11.2015 - Fishery Closed

Please note that we are closed for a Competition on Saturday 7th of November. Sorry for any inconvenience.

25.10.2015 - Winter Opening Hours

As of 1st November we will revert to winter opening hours. We will be closed Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am until the time displayed at the fishery.

20.12.2014 - Festive Fun Day

Festive Fun Day At Alderneuk Trout Fishery Sunday 28th December Come and join us for a winter warmer bowl of delicious home made soup and bread Fun casting competitions with Prizes Casting accuracy winner will receive a free days fishing at Alderneuk There is also a great booby prize of a half day casting lesson with Sue Macniven of Damsel fly fishing. Catch a duck and win a mystery prize. Entry for lunch and the competitions is £5.00 per person with all proceeds going to a good cause Normal fishing as usual but not essential just come along for the crack!

01.12.2014 - Christmas Opening Hours

For the festive period we will be Closed Tuesday 23rd, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will be open every day from Boxing day until the 6th January 2015. Reverting back to normal Winter openign hours. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our customers, friends and family.

5.11.2014 - Fishery Closed

Due to a Club booking the fishery will be closed this Sunday 9th November - Apologies for any inconvenience

1.11.2014 - Winter Opening Hours

As of 1st November we will revert to winter opening hours. We will be closed Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am until dusk.

23.10.2014 - Fishery Closed for Competition

Please note we will be closed on Saturday 1st November for our Competition. Sorry for any inconvenience.

13.08.2014 - Fishery Closed

Please note we will be closed on Monday the 18th to Wednesday the 20th of august sorry for any inconvenience.

19.07.2014 - Alderneuk feature in Top 100 Trout Fisheries

We have just been ranked 49th in the top stillwater fisheries as listed by Trout Fisherman magazine. We would like to thank all of our customers for their kind words and custom.

01.07.2014 - Road works

Just to let all of our customers know that due to the new Dumfries and Galloway Infirmary construction site access via the normal route to the fishery will be distrupted. We woudl recommend using the map in the "Where to find us" page to get direction from Terregles Road to avoid the road works.

01.02.2014 - Birthday Boy!!!

Wullie celebrating his birthday!

30.01.2014 - Amazing Brownie

A picture of an awesome 12lb 12oz brownie, caught on an olive rabbit by wullie mcghie, what a fish!!!

31.12.2013 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our customers past, present & future, best fishes all wilma and wullie

24.12.2013 - Festive Opening Hours

We will be closed on the 24th, 25th and 26th of December then open every day till Tuesday the 7th of January, including Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cheers folks And best fishes all wilma and wullie

05.11.2013 - Competition Results

Our fun comp on the 26th October went well, weather not to terrible! Some rain and wind, 21 anglers fished and 30 trout caught. Tough in the afternoon, lures scored best, bloodworm caught a fair few also, cracking average size, over 4lb, 6 x 5lb plus bows, best of the day to David lind at 5lb 14oz, top spot went to Andy Richmond with 4 bows to 5lb 10oz, well done Andy, 2nd place to alderneuk regular tug with 3 bows, 2 over 5lb, thanks to all competitors and helpers for a good day.

24.10.2013 - Fishery Closed for Competition

Please note that the fishery will be closed on Sunday the 3rd of November for a club booking. And we will resume our winter hours from the 28th of October, closed Tuesday and Thursday, open all others.

01.10.2013 - Fishery Closed for Competition

Please note, the fishery will be closed on the 26th October for a competition. Sorry for any inconveniance. Spaces are still available for anglers to enter.

20.05.2013 - Fishery Closed for Competition

Please note, the fishery will be closed at 6pm on Friday 31st May and all day on Saturday 1st June for a competition. Sorry for any inconveniance.

07.04.2013 - Facebook Page Launched

Hi Folks Thanks to Luke, we now have our own Facebook page, please have a browse and see who you can spot in the gallery!! comments always appreciated, here's the link

04.04.2013 - 15lb Released

The fishery has been stocked with a 15lb plus bow on Friday, he's still at large, a new fishery record when caught, let's hope we don't have to wait to long!!! Who will be first to catch him?

01.04.2013 - Summer Opening Hours

Summer opening hours are as follows, Closed Tuesdays, open ALL others days including Thursdays

25.03.2013 - Troutmaster Fishoff Results

The troutmaster fish off was a great success, apart from the fowl weather, brrr!! 17 anglers shared 44 trout to 5lb 4oz, adult winner with 7 pts was David Lind, tagged all the way by brother Stevie and Simon littlejohn, both on 6pts, and a huge well done to our junior winner, 6 year old Elle Course, braving the shocking weather, great stuff girl! A great big thankyou to all our able helpers, and competitors alike, and good luck to you both in the respective finals at Grafham and stonebridge later in the year.

25.03.2013 - Amazing Catch

Snow, baltic cold easterly winds, sub zero temp's, poor fishing weather eh??, you'd think that, but try telling the trout!! Dougie Inglis from Kilmarnock had the most increadable day on Sat. at Alderneuk taking no less than 19 fish, mostly on Buzzers, some on lures, an amazing achievemant in itself, but what fish! 7 over 5lb, consisting of fish of 5lb, 5lb 4oz, 7lb 8oz, 8lb 6oz, 13lb 12oz, 13lb 12oz and 14lb 6oz, wow! what can we say, best catch of big fish ever recorded at Alderneuk, and stunners to boot, and on the same day Simon Littlejohn had a stunning 11lb 2oz Brownie in a 3 fish catch, big guy fell for a size 12 cormorant, fantastic. here's the big guys in all there glory.

01.02.2012 - Troutmasters Fish Off

All Troutmaster badge winners from last year should by now have received a letter from Troutfisherman magazine letting you know that the date for the troutmaster final fish off is Saturday 9th March, please could you let us know if you intend to fish the fish off, if we get enough anglers we will close the fishery for the day. call 07901 602020, or e'mail us at Thankyou in advance for your response

01.01.2013 - Happy New Year

1st off a very happy and prosperous New Year to you all, hope the Angling gods smile upon you this year, and blanks are few and rod benders are plenty! Well we certainly had an eventful new years day at Alderneuk, after Bruce Callendar claiming the last fish of 2012 with a lovely Brownie, the 1st of 2013 was up for grabs, and we had a few early birds up for the challenge, and go on Andy Richmond, all the way from Irvine to, and takes the glory with a stunning 12lb 8oz bow! what a start to the year, well that was only the begining for Andy and as the day progressed Andy ended up with 11 trout, rabbits and blobs top flies, and entered the Alderneuk hall of fame by being our 1st angler to do the "double double", with a simply stunning 11lb 4oz Brownie, and what a scrap to, cheers Russell with the net job! Biggest brace to date as well, what a start to 2013, Russell had a spanking 5lber, Graham had a lovely 5lb 9oz bow, and Gordon Watson claimed the prize he coveted the most, 1st of the year on the dry fly, well done mate.

14.12.2012 - Christmas Opening Hours

Holiday opening hours are as follows, Closed christmas day, open all others including Tuesdays and Thursdays from 26th Dec. through till the 7th Jan. then revert back to closed Tuesdays and Thursdays, thanks all, best fishes Wilma and Wullie.

01.11.2012 - Winter Opening Hours

From the 1st November we will revert into winter opening hours. They are: Closed Tuesday and Thursday. Open 8am until Dusk all other days.

25.10.2012 - Fishery Record

Here isthe pic of the new Alderneuk record bow of 14lb 9oz caught by Simon Littlejohn on a white rabbit






29.09.2012 - Fishery Closed for Competition

Please note, the fishery willl be closed all day on Saturday 13th October for a competition. Sorry for any inconveniance.

22.09.2012 - Youngest Trout Catcher

Here's 5 year old Ellie Course with a lovely 3lb 8oz Bow, that's how to smile for the camera!, Our youngest ever trout catcher at Alderneuk. a huge well done Ellie.





10.06.2012 - An amazing achievement!

Had to tell the tale of an amazing feat witnessed at the neuk, The Kirckconnel Wizard, aka Stevie Lind, has done what I thought was impossible, wait for it no less than 3,  yes that's right 3 grand slams on the trot,  absolutley awesome angling, no other word for it, just to put you in the picture folks, in our near 4 year's as a fishery we've had 6 grand slams, so for Stevie to do 3 in a row is really something else, top class angling mate, and all the more impressive as most of the catch were targeted by stalking, on a size 16 foam beetle, no more than 2 rod lengths from the bank, and some considerabally closer than that , best of the bunch a lovely 6lb 8oz Brownie, finest piece of angling i've personally ever witnessed at Alderneuk, a huge big well done mate.

07.05.2012 - Fishery Brownie Record Broken!

What a stunning Brownie at 13lb 12oz caught on a black and red buzzer by Grant Course breaking the previous Alderneuk Brownie record held by Andy Wilkie at 8lb 12oz.

05.05.2012 - Alderneuk Competition Results

Over 50 fish were caught across 18 anglers on Saturday. The competition was down to the wire with Stevie Lind beating Dougie Inglis in the last minute by landing a nice rainbow to win the competition. A great day was had by all.

troutmasteradult1st - Stevie Lind

troutmasterjunior2nd - Dougie Inglis

troutmasterjunior3rd - Willie (Also winner of heaviest fish killed)

01.05.2012 - Fishery Closed due to competition

Please note that the fishery will be closed on Saturday 5th May 2012 for a closed competition. We will reopen on Sunday 6th May 2012.

05.03.2012 - Troutmaster Fish Off Results


The Troutmaster fish off was a great success, despite some atrocious weather - especially in the morning when it tipped it down! A big thankyou to all 17 anglers who fished, and an especially big thankyou to all our willing helpers on the day, cheers folks, we could'nt have done it without you. 53 fish were caught in total, biggest out on the day was 5lb 6oz to Alex Wilkie, adult winner was Simon Littlejohn with an impressive 11 fish catch, best 5lb, superb performance on a wild day, tagging Simon all day was Stevie Lind, who ended up with 8, another cracking catch, our Junoir winner was Young James Greenwood, with 3 fish to 4lb 4oz, closely followed by William Brown with 2 to 4lb, well done lads. Good luck to you both in the respective finals later in the year.


Here's a lovely fish caught last week by one of our stalwart regulars Ross Frame, a cracking sliver bow of 12lb 4oz, nailed on a white rabbit, stunning pic sir





04.03.2012 - Return to Summer opening hours

Please note as from the 22nd March we will return to our summer opening hours. We will be open all week except on a Tuesday.

22.02.2012 - Fishery Closed

The fishery will be closed on Sat. the 3rd March  for the troutmaster fish off, sorry for any inconvenience, thanks all and best fishes Wilma and Wulle.

27.01.2012 - FAO ALL Troutmaster Badge Winners

All you Troutmaster badgewinners from last year should by now have recieved your letter from the Trout fisherman reguarding the fish off on the 3rd March , please could you let us know if you intend to come to the fish off, then we can plan the day, if sufficent numbers turn up, we will close the fishery and run it like our normal comps, pegged and moving every half hour etc, many thanks to you all in advance.

17.01.2012 - Fishery Record Broken

A great big well done to Mikey Gray who had this spanking 11lb 12oz bow on a yellow blob on an intermediate line, caught between the point and the willow tree, a stunning big silver bow i'm sure you'll agree, great to see these big guys. Should be some big Brownies making an apperance soon, milder wetter stuff forecast for the next wee while, cheers folks and best fishes all, Wilma and Wullie.




11.01.2012 - Fishery Record Broken

A big well done to Alderneuk stalwart Stevie Lind who broke Stevie Rankins fishery record with this stunning 12lb 8oz Rainbow, part of a 5 fish morning catch, all on a fast pulled yellow blob, on a fast glass line, caught off the point at 9am, watched him follow several times then stopped the fly close in and watched him nail it, class!!! Made up for last week when Stevies dad Davie lost that clonking Brownie! Great scrap, thumping about deep for a while before Wilma sneaked it in the net, great stuff

31.12.2011 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of our customerspast, present and future. All the best for 2012. Tight Lines. Wulma and Wullie.

19.12.2011 - Christmas Opening Times

We are closed Christmas Day, then open every day, including Tuesdays and Thursdays, weather permitting, until the 10th Jan, then back to usual hours, closed Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Seasons Greetings to all our customers past and present.

16.12.2011 - Fishery Record Broken - AGAIN!

A great big well done to Alderneuk regular Stevie Rankin, with this awesome 11lb 8oz Tiger Trout What a stunning creature too! And set's a new Fishery record, possibly one of ther biggest tiger trout ever caught in Scotland????? Caught on Stevies favourite Bob Marley Rabbit on an intermediate line, in the deep water in front of the cabin.

Stevie saw the fish take his fly right under the rod tip, class, then a dogged deep fight ensued with some hairy margin charging moments before Wullie slid the net under it to whoops of delight from all, top top moment!

31.10.2011 - Fishery Record Broken

Here's a real stunning 8lb 12oz Brownie caught by the ever consistent Alex Wilkie, part of a 5 fish catch which also included another clonking 6lb 13oz Bow, what a brace Alex, one of the finest ever off Alderneuk, green and white minkie the top fly there folks, exciting times for us as we are 90% sure this is a grown on fish, let's hope ther are lot's more surprises like this lurking in the dark depths!!!!!

19.10.2011 - Closed for Competition

Please note that the fishery will be closed for a competition on Saturday 12th November.

19.10.2011 - Winter Opening Times

From the 1st November we will revert into winter opening hours. They are: Closed Tuesday and Thursday. Open 8am until Dusk all other days.

07.08.2011 - Fishery Record Broken

Here is the big one - a 9.7lbs Brown Trout caught by Simon Littlejohn and thereby breaking the fishery record.

Caught on a single size 14 black and green diawl bach on an intermediate line.

Simon's a regular in the hall of fame holding the rainbow record, 1st person to do the slam and now brownie record holder as well, some guys have all the luck!!! He also went to catch another of 7lb 2oz.

Big guys galour at the moment so get yourself down for some action.


01.10.2011 - Competition Results

We had a good day for our competition on Saturday and 19 anglers shared 42 trout, nice dull overcast day, no wind at all, flat calm all day, a wee breeze would have been nice, some spanking fish caught as well, after commenting to a few guys how the Brownies rarely show in a comp, it was Wullie bum info as 4 turned up for this one!!:, and the honours went as follows, biggest fish killed went to Brownie record holder Tam Beuly a lovely bow of  4lb 9oz

The winner was a long standing Alderneuk regular Stuart from Stranraer, stupike, with a cracking 7 fish catch which included bows of 6lb 1oz and 6lb 10oz, awesome angling mate, pink bloodworm the winning fly there.


2nd spot went to ever consitant Simon Frankland with 6 fish including a stunning 6lb 4oz Brownie, what a spanker that was.


3rd spot went to our very own web guru, Simon Haugh with 4 fish to 4lb plus pipping Stevie Lind by ounces.



Simon F, and Stevie Lind stayed on after the comp and Simon bagged another 3 fish, including a lovely 5lb 8oz fish, superb, Stevie lost another, hard luck stories from young Calum Brydie who lost a lovely 6-7lb bow right at the net! tough one mate, and poor Stevie Lind lost a spanking 6lb plus Brownie in similar circumstancies, still these thing's happen, character building, a big thankyou to country joe and young Owen for all there help on the day.

01.09.2011 - Closed due to Competition

Please note that on Saturday 1st October Alderneuk will be closed to non competing anglers between 8am and 4pm. Alderneuk will reopen to anglers after 4pm until normal closing times. Good luck to all competing anglers.

15.07.2011 - Closed due to Competition

Please note that on Sunday 24th July Alderneuk will be closed to non competing anglers between 8am and 4pm. Alderneuk will reopen to anglers after 4pm until normal closing times.

24.05.2011 - News Flash

Well what a day on Saturday!, despite atrocious wet, wild n' windy weather we managed to set no fewer than 3 fishery records in the one day!!

1st of a great big congrats to our regular Tam, a real spanking big Brown, all 8lb 4oz of it, nailed on a diawl bach after an epic scrap, superb, then a short while later Tam manages another rare feat at Alderneuk, a double hook up, and landed both! with the help of two nets, 3lb and 4lb 8oz, amazing, we've had more than our share of double hook up's but rarely do both fish get landed, usually the dropper knot give's way, lady luck was on your side that day Tam. Then our very own Calum Hepburn, he of "grand slam" fame, became even more of a legend by nailing "Tyson the tiger", at another new fishery record of 7lb 10oz, and played like a pro in front of a crowd to!!


What a cheer when the big guy rolled over the net, superb, very nearly done the slam again as well, when the last of the quartet, a Brownie, got off, ahhh! still easier to bear after landing probably the most sought after trout in the fishery. On a black rabbit on the fast glass line. last but not least, a big well done to Stevie Lind, landed one of only 2 Brook Trout in Alderneuk at a new record weight of 3lb, well done mate, on the ever consistant bloodworm. All this in really atrocious weather as well, that wet n' windy stuff sure does stir up those better fish.

11.05.2011 - Well done!

A great big well done to Castle Douglas angler and Alderneuk regular Simon Frankland, not only is he the current Alderneuk Brown trout record holder, he's also won the Greys fish of the month in May's Trout fisherman mag, with that record Brown of 7lb 10oz, superb, well done Simon, there should be a Greys platinum line winging it's way to you, this is the second time this year we've had a winner from Alderneuk, great stuff.

26.04.2011 - Alderneuk is now visable on Google Maps!

For those of you who want to fish Alderneuk but don't know how to find us Google has now listed us on Google Maps. Please click here to locate us. This link is now also listed in the 'Where to Find Us' Section of the Website.

22.04.2011 - 2011 Grand Slam - Take 2!

Big congratulationaboutuss to ross pagan, only the 2nd time this year for the "grand slam", all four species of trout in a session, here's the brownie that sealed it for ross, part of an impressive 13 fish haul, all on diawls, nymphs and dries, big well done mate could'nt have came to a nicer guy, and well done partner stevie lind on an equally impressive 13 fish catch the same day, topped by a near 7lb bow, top notch lads.


12.04.2011 - Brownies Galore!

In less than a week all of these Brownies have been caught. Most of which on our 4 hour ticket. Come down to the 'Neuk' and take part in some of the amazing action the loch is producing right now. Have a look at the Fly Fishing Forum for the full story.


28.03.2011 - What a Weekend!!!

What a weekend at the neuk, Saturday saw this stunning 7lb 10oz Brown trout caught by Simon Frankland on a buzzer take the biggest neuk brownie title, and on Sunday, wow!! what a day, 12 anglers shared 60 plus trout, loadsa 5lb plus bow's, 6 spanking browns, best 5lb 12oz, and even some tigers.aboutus


Lot's out on dries as well, but what aboutourvery own intrepid 14 year old,Calum Hepburn, only the 3rd angler in neuk history to do the "grand slam", top angling young man, and on a variety of tactic's to,needed only a Brownie to complete the hat trick and succesfully stalked one from the margin's on a foam sedge of the top, pure quality!!


The roar that went up when that one rolled over the net was awesome, fantastic.
here's that said brownie. big congrats calum, top notch  angler in the making there me thinks.

18.03.2011 - Summer Opening Hours

The fishery will resume summer opening times from the 1st April. Alderneuk will be open every day except Tuesdays. Now that the clocks have changed remember that we offer a 4 hour ticket that is ideal for the lighter evenings for £15 including 1 fish or £20 for 2 fish. So why not pop along for a few hours after work.

aboutus17.02.2011 - 1st Dry of Season

We had our 1st fish out on dries this week - and it was this stunning brownie. Weighing in at 5lb 14oz and caught with a foam daddy on a nice mild Wednesday. Proof that its never too early to catch via the dry fly.




15.01.2011 - Trout Masters

Alderneuk fishery is now registered as a 2011 Trout Masters Venue. More information will be available online shortly but in the mean time please ask Wulma or Wullie for more details of how to take part in the 2011 Trout Masters events.

01.01.2011 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a brilliant 2010 and wish for an even better 2011.

31.12.2010 - Alderneuk Open

The fishery is now defrosting and we have several pegs available. Please call us to reserve a and to avoid disappointment.

aboutus23.12.2010 - Alderneuk Closed Due To Ice

I'm afraid the weather beat us in the end, despite a supreme effort, we are now completley frozen over!!!! But be assured at the slightest sign of a thaw, we'll be out there giving it our best ice breaking shot. season's greeting to one and all, have a great festive, best fishes Wilma and Wullie.


01.12.2010 - Christmas Opening Times

Closed Christmas Day

Open all other days including Tues and Thurs until 11th January.

12th January onwards - Return to Winter Opening Time i.e. Closed Tues and Thurs

Wishing all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Wullie & Wulma


aboutusBoy i've been waiting a while to show of this bad boy!! 3 month's to be exact!

But what a stunning fish, and well done David, 1st capture for this awesome 7lb 8oz Tiger, realeased into Alderneuk in Mid-july along with a 6lb 8oz Tiger, he's still to be caught, maybe you could help us out there too David!!

Nailed on a white rabbit after an epic battle on the tree line, and on only your 2nd visit David, well done sir, top angling, and another tiger and a nice bow to boot, good 4 hours work i'd say. Big congrats mate, let's hope he makes some more apperances. He's been on the "most wanted" list of more than a few regulars for ages. I'm sure this fellow has caused more grief over the last few weeks, line breaking, weeding up etc. This guy was maybe the culprit for Stupikes line stripping experiance last weekend, knot from fly line to backing parted! Oop's, and maybe the cause of your heartache loss as well Rook? there's been more than a few hard luck tales of late.


Alderneuk makes it to The Scottish Sun Newspapers fishing report page! Many thanks to the writter Mike Kernan. Click here to see the report.


Our annual fun comp was a roaring success, the weatherman played the game, only the odd shower, calm overcast, perfect, and the 17 anglers shared 54 trout to 5lb plus between them. A congratulations must go to Denver on taking 1st spot, winning a Snowbee Diamond rod and reel and to Gordon with a close second. Many thanks to all who attended, i'm sure a fun time was had by all.


Please note: We are closed for the competition on Saturday 23rd Oct.


From the 1st November we will revert into winter opening hours. They are: Closed Tuesday and Thursday. Open 8am until Dusk all other days.


On the 23rd October 2010 we will be holding a fun competition. Please call us to book a place or drop us an email via the Contact Us section of the website.


Alderneuk Fishery Official Website is now launched and fully functional.

Please have a look around and explore our website. Why not try and spot yourself in our Gallery or use the contact us section to make suggestions of how we can improve this site - maybe even book your next visit to the fishery.

We hope you find it useful,

Wullie & Wilma